High functionality in a compact space

High functionality in a compact space

August 2017

Bystronic’s new Xpert 80 press brake offers anything but uniformity. Increased power for versatile bent parts. Increased bending length for complex individual parts and large series. And increased dynamics for fast bending sequences.

With the new Xpert 80, Bystronic is continuing the concept of the mobile press brake, which the smaller version, the Xpert 40, has already successfully established on the market. The Bystronic product manager Karsten Trautvetter explains: “The great success of the Xpert 40 shows that there is a demand amongst users for fast but also mobile bending systems.”

With the Xpert 80, Bystronic now offers a fast press brake with a compact format that fits into virtually any manufacturing environment. The Xpert 80’s mobility is a significant benefit over large-scale press brakes. Large bending stations have to be installed in a fixed place and due to their design, they usually require a lot of space. This can be a limiting factor for users, whose production can change at any time due to varying order situations.

Mobile press brake with a high degree of precision

The Xpert 80, in contrast, offers the highest level of flexibility. The machine’s compact design means that it can be moved around. It provides users with support for flexible job shop production with fluctuating batch sizes and varying bent parts as well as for series production with recurring parts. Today, for example, the Xpert 80 can be set up next to a laser cutting system and tomorrow, maybe, in a row with other press brakes in order to process a large series.

Compared to the smaller Xpert 40, the Xpert 80 offers a decisive increase of bending length and press capacity. This opens up the machine’s wide spectrum of applications. Over a bending length of approximately 1.5 meters, the Xpert 80 generates a press capacity of 80 tons. And this with a footprint of less than 3 square meters. Moreover, the machine achieves fast bending speeds up to 25 millimeters per second.

Ideal solution for limited space and fluctuating capacities

When bending complex parts, users can set up several bending stations over the bending length of approximately 1.5 meters. Amongst other things, this facilitates series production and reduces the retooling time for certain types of bending sequences. “Many users apply what is known as the kit bending technique,” Karsten Trautvetter explains. With this method, all the parts that are required for the end product are bent in series, in a single bending job. The possibility to set up several bending stations across the bending length of the press brake is particularly useful for this.

The ergonomic contours of the Xpert 80 facilitate the operator’s interaction with the machine. The built-in drawers on the side of the machine offer ample storage space for bending tools and equipment. Hence, all the tools are within easy reach. An automatic clamp system simplifies the tooling of the machine: just snap in the tools and ready. A height-adjustable folding table on the front of the machine can be used as a working surface or storage area.

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