Xpert 40: New features

April 2016

Bystronic now offers two new options for the Xpert 40. A bending line laser and an optical foot switch increase the versatility and ergonomics of the machine.

It is not always possible to position bent parts on the press brake using the backgauges. For example with conical parts whose shape does not provide a stop position. And occasionally operators choose not to position the part using the precision of the backgauge system simply to save time. 

In order to fulfill these requirements on the Xpert 40, upon request Bystronic now equips the small press brake with a bending line laser. The laser projects a bending line directly onto the surface of the part. With the help of this bending line, the operator can position and subsequently bend the part without using the backgauge.

Another new option for the Xpert 40 is the optical foot switch. This allows operators to conveniently trigger the stroke of the press brake through a foot movement. The new option increases the ergonomics of the machine, because it eliminates the need for a manual foot switch, which constantly has to be moved when the operating position is changed.

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