Bystronic's history

Bystronic's history

The name Bystronic first appeared in 1964, when Bystronic Maschinen AG was founded in Bützberg. The company specialized in glass processing. The company’s name is a combination of the names of its three founders Byland, Schneider, and Trösch.

1978: Going international

Bystronic USA

Bystronic Maschinen AG ventured abroad as early as 1978, establishing U.S. representation. But then, in 1990, Bystronic Laser AG founded its first foreign service and sales company, in Germany. 1991 brought additional branches in Italy and Sweden, 1996 in Singapore and France.

1984: The start of laser cutting

The start of laser cutting

In the early 1980s, Bystronic Maschinen AG engineers began developing a laser cutting system, and in 1984, the Bylas was launched. The number of machines sold increased quickly--Bystronic Maschinen AG ran out of space. They transferred the laser business to Niederönz and in early 1986, founded Bystronic Laser AG. In 1988, only two years later, Bystronic developed their first waterjet cutting system: Byjet.

1994: Conzzeta joins in


In 1994, Conzzeta AG became the new owner of Bystronic. Operations, however, remained with Bystronic Management.

1997: Bystronic starts bending


In 1997, Bystronic took over the pressbrakes division of the Swiss Hämmerle AG, thus entering the bending market. In 2002, they acquired the Beyeler Group in the German city Gotha, adding another location for pressbrake manufacturing. Since 2004, the Hämmerle machines are also manufactured in Gotha.

2002: Separation of metal and glass

Bystronic glass Logo

In 2002, Bystronic Laser AG operations split from Bystronic Maschinen AG (Bystronic glass).

2002: Decamping to Asia

AFM Fabtek in Tianjin

The acquisition of AFM Fabtek in Tianjin in 2002 provided Bystronic with a manufacturing location in China. Today, Bystronic has personal representation in six Asian countries: with service and sales companies in Singapore, China, Korea, India, and Taiwan, as well as representatives in Vietnam.

2002: New branches

New branches

In the 2000s, Bystronic built up its network of sales and service companies, not just in Asia, but in Europe and America as well: 2001 heralded branch offices in Mexico and Spain, 2002 in Brazil and Austria, 2003 in Holland, 2005 in Great Britain and the Ukraine, 2006 in Poland, 2007 in the Czech Republic and Turkey, 2008 in Russian, and 2009 in Romania.

2010: Best choice

Best choice

In the autumn of 2010 Bystronic presents the new image campaign „Best Choice“. With this campaign Bystronic commits itself even more consistently as a reliable partner for its customers worldwide.

2011: 25 years Bystronic Laser AG

Book "25 years Bystronic"

In September 2011 Bystronic Laser AG commemorates its 25th anniversary. Employees from around the world and numerous guests celebrate the occasion at the company’s headquarters in Niederönz.

2012: Bystronic with a new look

EuroBLECH 2012

At EuroBLECH 2012 Bystronic presents itself with a new exhibition and product design . In the future a fresh and open architecture dominates the company’s exhibition presence: From now on the product design reflects ergonomics and user friendliness.

2013: New CEO

Alex Waser, CEO

In April 2013 Bystronic appoints a new CEO in the person of Alex Waser. His predecessor, Ferdi Töngi, retires after 13 years as head of Bystronic.

2013: BySun Fiber

BySun Fiber

In March 2013, in the form of the BySun Fiber, Bystronic presents the first fiber laser cutting machine designed and manufactured entirely in China.

2013: Competence Days

Competence Days

In the context of the traditional internal exhibition in September 2013, Bystronic presents cross-process innovations on the subject of “World Class Manufacturing”. The exhibition focusses on solutions to increase efficiency, save costs and simplify processes. Customers and guests from around the whole world visit the exhibition.

Bystronic Timer

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