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Byloader Loading automation system for efficient sheet metal handling

Byloader - Title

Fast loading automation system Makes your life easier

The Byloader allows you to further simplify your laser cutting operations. It allows you to quickly load the raw material onto the shuttle table. This optimizes the loading process – automatically, quickly, and reliably.

Byloader-Schnelles Zuführsystem

Reduced consumption Save time and costs

Each suction cup of the loading automation system can be activated independently. This reduces the energy consumption of the automated loading processes. In addition, it enables the handling of sub-sheet formats.

Chargeur Bystronic ByLoader

Complete overview Intuitive Handling

Thanks to the integrated control, you operate the Byloader effortlessly. The system is controlled using the operator terminal of your Bystronic laser cutting system. This means that you have all the controls on a single touchscreen.

ByVision control touchscreen

Improved access For convenient manual unloading

We provide you a sheet metal table with an electric drive instead of a fixed table. This facilitates the loading process and the accessibility of the shuttle table of your laser cutting system for manual unloading.

Byloader einfacher Zugang

Utilize our loading automation system to simplify your processes. We are looking forward to answering any questions you may have.


Specifications All the information about the Byloader

 Byloader 3015Byloader 4020
Nominal sheet size3000 × 1500 mm4000 × 2000 mm
Load sheet metal thickness0.8–25 mm0.8–25 mm
Maximum sheet weight890 kg1580 kg

The highlights

Boost your profitability

Increase the utilization of your laser cutting machine. The fast and automatic loading process onto the shuttle table reduces idle time. 

A smart eye

The double sheet detection increases the reliability of your loading automation avoiding the picking of two sheets. In this way, you always achieve optimal cutting quality.

Enhanced reach

The optional extended arm improves the system’s reach.

Economical loading automation

The suction cups can be activated separately. This reduces power consumption and conserves your budget.

We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about our Byloader loading automation system.


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