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ByTower Compact Loading and unloading automation with integrated storage for laser cutting systems

ByTower Compact - Title

Loading and unloading Laser automation in combination with a storage tower

Thanks to its smart design – which combines a storage with loading and unloading system – the ByTower Compact increases the productivity of your Bystronic laser cutting machine without requiring much space. The system has been designed to take up as little floor space as possible. The fully automated cassette changing enables lightly manned or unmanned production for companies of any size. 

ByTower Compact laser automation with storage tower

Compact & automated Higher productivity thanks to automation

Automation solutions optimize your material flow, improve your machine utilization, and increase both the safety and process reliability on your shop floor. 

Bystronic’s compact automation solution for your laser cutting machines enables the fully automatedloading and unloading of cassettes. 

ByTower Compact compact storage system

Optimal space utilization Compact system for lightly manned manufacturing

The system has been designed to take up as little floor space as possible. In order to make optimum use of the available space, the height of the storage tower can be customized to meet your precise requirements. This makes the ByTower Compact the all-in-one solution for lightly manned or unmanned production.

ByTower Compact space saving

Fast material loading Reduced idle time, increased productivity

The loading and unloading of the laser’s shuttle table is performed automatically. This results in a higher utilization rate of the overall system, eliminating or significantly reducing idle times. This translates into higher productivity.

ByTower Compact more productivity

Boost your productivity with the ByTower Compact from Bystronic. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Specifications All the information about the ByTower Compact

 ByTower Compact 3015 + ByTower Compact 3015 P
Nominal sheet size3000 x 1500 mm
Maximum sheet size3025 x 1520 mm
Sheet metal thickness25 mm
Maximum sheet weight900 kg
Load/unload approx cycle time without Fast Cycle (+N) option180 s
Load/unload approx cycle time with Fast Cycle (+N) option70 s

Videos Space-saving system: ByTower Compact in action

The system takes up minimal floor space. The automated loading and unloading of cassettes enables unsupervised production.

ByTower Compact Demo video thumbnail

The highlights from the video

ByTower Compact unloading and loading

Increased Production

The ByTower Compact automates the loading and unloading workflow of your laser cutting system. This translates into significantly more parts in less time.

ByTower Compact automated production

Autonomous production

Automation enables unsupervised manufacturing. This frees up your staff for critical tasks

ByTower Compact hight

Variable heights

The tower height is customizable to meet any requirement. In this way, you make optimum use of the available space.

ByTower Compact sheet metal

Twofold advantage

You can choose between two different configurations to handle sheet metal stacks either with or without wooden pallets.

We would be pleased to answer all your questions about the automated loading and unloading of your laser cutting system.


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