Waterjet cutting systems from Bystronic are amongst the most powerful in the world and have the longest service life on the market.

Innovations that convince

Efficient waterjet cutting is all in the head

Efficient Waterjet cutting: cutting head

ByPump Ultra / Ultra+

ByPump Ultra
  • Recommended operating pressure of 5300 bar.
  • For the processing of extremely thick materials, for example metals over 150 millimeters.
  • ByPump Ultra+ for double the water throughput quantity in comparison to the ByPump Ultra.

Fully automatic cutting head distance adjustment − unadulterated productivity

  • No manual adjustment of the cutting head distance as with conventional waterjet cutting systems.
  • It enables the economical cutting of a wide range of parts.
  • The fully automatic cutting head adjustment is available on two head and four head machines.
  • The automatic nesting (the interlacing of parts) as well as the fully automatic adjustment of the cutting head distance significantly increase productivity.
  • Hence lightly-manned operation is thus also ensured.
Byjet Pro

Byjet Pro

Perfect process control − continuous monitoring of the pressure signal

  • Two individually-driven pressure intensifiers regulated by a microcontroller, guarantee constant, linear and infinitely adjustable pressure.
  • This guarantees the very best cutting results and the highest productivity.
  • The fully automatic engraving during the cutting process is ensured.
  • A manual intervention or even a period of waiting are thus unnecessary.
  • The cutting system takes over all the data from the cutting plan and regulates the pressure fully automatically.
Byjet Pro

Byjet Pro

High quality machine construction − precision with every cut

  • The precision achieved by Bystronic systems, even with four cutting heads, is unique.
  • Virtually all conventional systems with a swivelling system are limited to just one cutting head, which is why their efficiency is drastically reduced. Associated with this, the maintenance costs also often increase.
  • Production using "Common Line Cutting" is no longer possible when a swivelling system is used.
  • The productivity of a Bystronic 2-head or 4-head system when compared with a swivel head system is up to three times higher, with the same precision over all the cutting heads.
Byjet Pro

Fully automatic height sensing

  • Every cutting head is equipped with height sensing, which permits the cutting of formed parts.
  • Additionally, a collision sensor permits lightly-manned operation.
Vollautomatische Höhenabtastung

Lightly-manned operation

Shuttle table
  • The patented shuttle table concept, which is available with the ByJet Pro waterjet cutting system as an optional extra, is unique on the market.
  • The ergonomic design permits easy and safe access for loading and unloading.
  • Using a shuttle table, the idle times for the loading and unloading of the system can be reduced to 2 minutes and hence the productivity increased (lightly-manned operation).
Subdivision into cutting zones
  • On the machines of the ByJet Pro L series this concept, consisting of subdivided cutting areas and material handling using cassettes, ensures the highest level of productivity.
  • Unproductive idle times for the loading and unloading of the system are reduced to a minimum.
Mannarmer Betrieb

Mannarmer Betrieb


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