Apprentices Florian Fankhauser (left) and Nils Theiler connect metal beams to a base frame that will later hold the automation system.
Florian Fankhauser and Ehren Spiess polish aluminum sheets that will cover the base frame of the automation system.
The apprentice team then installed conveyor device on top of the base frame. Pictured: Aaron Zürcher (left) and Nils Theiler.

Apprentices showcase their chosen career paths

April 2015


With an automated system as the centerpiece, Bystronic and Althaus are joining forces at this year’s HAGA trade show in Herzongenbuchsee to showcase their joint apprenticeship program.

The Bystronic Laser AG training center in Niederönz is a hive of activity. Two aspiring polymechanics are putting together metal beams to form a rectangular base frame on wheels. Afterwards, plant and appliance engineers will cover the base frame with aluminum sheets. Later, a motorized conveyor device will be installed on top of it. Meanwhile, at Althaus AG in Langenthal, automation engineers are tinkering with the electronic controls that will ultimately put the automation system in motion.

The two teams have been working since February to build an automation system, with which the apprentices from both Bystronic Laser and Althaus will showcase their combined efforts at the HAGA trade show in Herzogenbuchsee from April 16 to 19, 2015. Visitors to the show will be able to use the automation system to order drinks and snacks via a touchscreen. The system will automatically retrieve the ordered items from a built-in storage shelf and serve them to the visitors.

The apprentices will also be on hand at the booth to talk about their chosen careers. What makes a polymechanic different from a plant and appliance engineer? Are spatial awareness and technical aptitude enough to become a design engineer? What prospects do automation engineers have after completing the apprenticeship program? These are among the many questions pondered by students when choosing an apprenticeship path. The apprentices from Bystronic and Althaus will be on hand to provide answers.

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