Tuning for Laser Cutting
Fred Weber recommends ByOptimizer to his clients because the online service provided by Bystronic increases profits in laser cutting.
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Fiber laser cutting without compromises
Consistently through thin and thick. With the new ByStar Fiber laser cutting system, Bystronic presents a high-end all-rounder that uses the full potential of fiber laser technology.
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«3D technology is helping us increase customer loyalty»
Genthner GmbH relies on the new 3D cutting head from Bystronic for its waterjet cutting needs. The new technology offers clear advantages over milling in the production of cut parts with beveled edges.
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  • Xpert 40: New features

    Xpert 40: New features

    Bystronic now offers two new options for the Xpert 40. A bending line laser and an optical foot switch increase the versatility and ergonomics of the machine.

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  • Smart laser cutting

    Smart laser cutting

    The BySmart Fiber enables a fast entry into laser cutting. With the new fiber laser, Bystronic is offering a high-quality performance package in the medium price segment.

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  • Smart bending

    Smart bending

    The Xact Smart enables a fast entry into bending technology. With the new press brake, Bystronic is offering a high-quality performance package in the medium price segment.

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In depth

  • "Almost twice as fast"

    "Almost twice as fast"

    The German company Roth & Effinger is using a ByStar Fiber since several months. Above all, the job shop appreciates the new fiber laser's cutting speed.

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  • Highest supplier rating

    Highest supplier rating

    Bystronic earns recognition as a Partner-level supplier for 2015 in the John Deere Achieving Excellence Program.

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  • “Like a rocket”

    “Like a rocket”

    Lasered Components is run by father and son duo Kevin and Karl Willett in the UK. The company has an ethos of investing in state-of-the-art technology in order to offer competitive services. Here they fully rely on fiber lasers of Bystronic.

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