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The pressbrake for maximum repeatability accuracy at the touch of a button


Xpert – smart, precise, profitable, one-button

  • The Xpert makes a bending professional of every user
  • Every angle is just right, thanks to outstanding positioning and repetition precision
  • Perfect integration of cutting and bending processes

Customer benefits

  • Minimized scrap and thus higher productivity
  • Just six mouse clicks from the 3D data file to the 3D part
  • All major tool styles can be used on the Xpert and are supported by the control’s comprehensive database
  • Simple and convenient operation of the whole machine, including its control
  • Numeric inputs can be made directly on the machine, no additional PC is required
  • The machine autonomously corrects deviations from the target values
  • Longer system life thanks to the fully-automatic parameterization and optimal processes
  • The open bending philosophy saves costs


LAMS – The guarantee for the highest angle quality
  • Angle measurement in real time with automatic correction.
  • Even the first part is a good part with the greatest angle precision.
  • Unique, flexible angle measurement depending on various materials and tools.
  • Simplest operation.

Robot applications - The very highest production capacity
  • Interface for various manufacturers’ robots.
  • Maximum repetition accuracy between pressbrake and robots.
  • Multi-shift operation without stoppage.
  • Open communication.

Tandem operation – The solution for maximum flexibility and higher productivity
  • Maximum flexibility for processing small to over-long bending parts.
  • Maximum precision and repetition accuracy in single and tandem operation.
  • Doubled production capacity on both single systems.
  • Both tandem machines together require less space and a simpler foundation than a comparable single machine.

Remote diagnostics
  • Process deviations are revealed and eliminated quickly.
  • Shortest reaction times in case of interruptions.
  • Quicker and more purposeful maintenance work.
  • Optimized machine productivity thanks to minimal downtime.


  • Xpert 60
  • Xpert 100
  • Xpert 150
  • Xpert 200
  • Xpert 250
  • Xpert 320
  • Xpert 400
  • Xpert 500
  • Xpert 650
  • Xpert 800
  • Xpert 1000

Product description
Xpert Datasheet
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Options and Tools
Bending options
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Bystronic Tools - Bending
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Collection Bending EN
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LAMS - Laser Angle Measurement System en
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Optical Bend Guiding System
LAMS - Laser Angle Measurement System
Energy Saver
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